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Service to others and patriotism have been engrained in my life. It started with enlisting in the US Army Reserve at 17 as a combat field medic and continues today with a strong drive to serve my friends and neighbors.

I now have a calling to serve once again. Through my many leadership service roles, I have realized that it takes a passion for service and a mind for planning to create lasting positive change. Because of this awareness and the many skills, I have developed both as a successful business owner and volunteer leader, I have decided that the best way to give back to my community now is to be a Minnesota State House Representative for District 47a.





(612) 440-2601

Public Safety

Everyone deserves to live in a safe community. Funding and supporting the men and women that work in law enforcement is the foundation of that safety. Just as important is making sure that our prosecutors hold criminals accountable.


Economic Security

The people of Minnesota deserve the opportunity to earn a good living. By creating jobs, small businesses are essential in providing stability and growth to our economy. The role of government is to ensure the people are not harmed by over taxation and inflation.


Parents are uniquely positioned to determine what is in the best interest of their children. Therefore, the education of our children needs to be a partnership between parents and educators. That education needs to take place in the classroom, not on a screen.